(Brain Health) Protazen® Fish Oil – "Omega 30+"

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1 bottle = 90 soft gels (gluten free), most people take 3 per day.

Protazen’s Omega 30+ consists of top quality USP Marine Fish Oils of 2000mg per serving (2 capsules), with a combined EPA/DHA weight of 600mg per serving. We suggest taking 3 capsules per day (3000mg total, 900mg EPA/DHA). EPA and DHA are the the Omega-3 fatty acids that are credited with having benefit for brain function.

The Japanese eat ten times more fish than Americans, and they have far less mental health concerns. Fish not only contains all twenty-two amino acids, it also contains the unique Omega-3 fat that your body needs to correctly form the cells in your brain, your eyes, and the lining of your arteries.

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Liz K. (Florida, United States)
Great quality fish oil!

I have been very happy with the quality of the Omega 30+ Protazen consistently delivers a quality product.

Calla A. (Indiana, United States)
Helpful Supplement

My daughter suffers from chronic depression. Although she takes an antidepressant, she tries to use natural supplements to boost her brain health and mood as well. The Protazen Fish Oil is part of her regimen to overall mind support.

Marcus J. (Washington, United States)
Fish Oil – "Omega 30+

I've taken a 30-day of Protazen Fish Oil – "Omega 30+" supply and most say I feel, somewhat, more alert and alive: Now Awakening in the AM; a lost in weight but not sure if it's from the supplement and/ or my distance running, and my body/ Facial skin is softer, smoother and energized with life.
Thank You, Protazen

Yoma C. (Missouri, United States)
Brain Health/ Potazen Fish Oil ¨Omega 30+¨

This is my first time trying this amazing product. And it really works for me. I feel better and my mood is getting well.

Eduardo R. (Florida, United States)
omega 30

sharpens your mind make think clear excellent product I keep buying it

Although the Protazen® Base Formula is a comprehensive single bottle solution, we offer six additional products for people looking to take a more focused approach. These complementing supplements enable you to customize your regimen.

Watch this Video To Better Understand Our Complementing Formulas...

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