(Serotonin Support) Protazen® 5-HTP w/Co-Factors

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100mg 5-HTP
w/Niacin & B6

Suggested Use:  1 Capsules Per Day
Contents:  30 Capsules (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Protazen’s 5-HTP is offered as an extra serotonin booster. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter known to improve mood, calm anxiety, and relieve insomnia. This product is most often taken in concert with the Protazen® Base Formula, or by itself if serotonin deficiency is your only concern.

Protazen’s 5-HTP (100mg 5-Hydroxytryptophan) also contains key Co-Factors (Niacin & Vitamin B6) for absorption and bio-availability.  5-HTP is what the body converts the tryptophan amino acid into.  It is this 5-HTP that is a direct precursor to serotonin.  If there isn’t enough tryptophan in your diet (a problem for many of us), your body can’t produce enough 5-HTP or serotonin to keep the brain "happy."  This is why taking our 5-HTP supplement, in addition to the Protazen® Base Formula, can be extremely beneficial.

Our 5-HTP Serotonin Support Supplement is in a separate bottle, so that it may be taken at least 4 hours apart from the Base Formula. This allows for maximum absorption.

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Customer Reviews

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Donna K. (Illinois, United States)
Protazen 5-HTP

Got this for my 6th grader who was struggling. It took a few weeks to take full affect, but now she is in a better mood, with a more positive outlook...just what she needed. (Tip: don't skip or stop taking when they start "feeling better" - that means the dose is finally "in-sync" with their body chemistry)

Linda S. (Kansas, United States)

(Serotonin Support) Protazen® 5-HTP w/Co-Factors

Katie S. (Illinois, United States)

This stuff is amazing! It really helps combat my winter blues! I wish I found this stuff years go.

Jorge O. (Connecticut, United States)
Great product

I’ve been using this product for two years and since then I have performed better at work, more profound sleep and helps me keep focus on my tasks.

La'Ren W. (Oklahoma, United States)
Not sure what it does, can't tell yet

It seems like a fine addition to the main supplement.

Hi La'Ren! The 5-HTP is best as enhancer to the Base Formula; for mood, sleep, and anxiousness. Thanks for the review!

Although the Protazen® Base Formula is a comprehensive single bottle solution, we offer six additional products for people looking to take a more focused approach. These complementing supplements enable you to customize your regimen.

Watch this Video To Better Understand Our Complementing Formulas...

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