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OxyEnergy, yes please.!.!.!
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Amazing product
Amazing product
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Hi Carol! Your review seems to be mostly about the supplement industry as a whole, and not our product specifically, however; we do feel compelled to respond to your 1 star rating. Additionally, you’re implications are bold and unfounded, and frankly very inaccurate. Although we can’t speak for other companies, we can assure you that everything listed on our labels are in our products. The proprietary blend in the Base Formula is a trade secret, not some way of hiding ingredients from you. In fact, every ingredient in our blend is listed in order of weight (which we are legally obligated to do). Regarding fillers… Some are necessary for the capsulation process, in order to avoid clumping of the ingredients and clogging the machines; however, they are listed on the label as “other ingredients” and NOT included in the weight of the active ingredients. We have been in business since 2004, accredited A+ by the BBB, and have never had a complaint to resolve in our 16+ years selling these exact products. Considering this is your first correspondence with us since ordering, it appears that you’d rather be angry than seek help from our company. Maybe would could have answered some questions and/or made some suggestions on how to maximize your experience with our products, we are here to help! As you can see from other verified customer reviews, most people who take our products have very good experiences. We wish you the best Carol, and hope you find what it is you are looking for.
(Mood Support) Protazen® Base Formula
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Hi Mason! It sounds like you know what the problem is... Most energy drinks are full of sugar and caffeine. Both of these addictive substances create dependency and withdrawal (if not constantly consumed). This will definitely make it hard to realize the benefits of our OxyEnergy Formula. That being said... We do know of many customers that have made the transition from other energy products, to our OxyEnergy, with great success. Please call us if you'd like to discuss ways of maximizing benefit from our products. Thanks for the review!
Base Formula
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