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Protazen works

The mood booster works. It’s a better alternative than anti-depressants.


Works great! My boyfriend’s mood changes and he is much happier. Very happy to have found this for him!

Great product!

I bought this along with the 5-HTP formula after I stopped taking my antidepressants. I wanted to avoid falling back into my depression. These 2 products really work. I feel good. No mood swings or sadness. I feel normal.

Love this product

I highly recommend Protozen Base Formula. This stuff really works! I was having anxiety every day and after I started taking this product, it has completely vanished. I was honestly surprised how well it works. If you are experiencing anxiety you should give this stuff a try.

Mood support

I have been taking protazen for over 2 months and it has truly made a difference for my mood and depression. There have been days that I have forgotten to take it and definitely noticed the difference. I will continue with taking protazen.

Passion flower lozenges

I have been taking the passion flower lozenge maybe every other day for a couple of weeks. I haven't noticed a whole lot of difference but will keep taking it. Tastes pretty good, no aftertaste.

Hi Anna! Passion flower is mild botanical calming agent. The Passion Flower Lozenges are intended to be used during acute moments of stress, to help take the edge off. If you're looking for something stronger, our Calming Formula ( has 8 different ingredients to produce a more comprehensive effect.
Improved mood

We have been taking the protazen for a couple of months now and have seen it has helped with anxiety and depression I have been experiencing.


At first, I felt noticeable reactions, which was great, but it kind of plateaued after weeks in. May try another supplement.

Hi Paulna! Considering you've been taking the Protazen Base Formula for only a month, the benefit graph is not necessarily gonna be a straight line rocket ride. Sometimes life is two steps forward and one step back. The fact that you experienced noticeable benefit within 30 days is a great sign! Please review: . You may also want to try adding our 5-HTP to your Base Formula regimen, this may enhance your results.
Protazen review

I brought protazen for my daughter to combat anxiety and it seems to be helping alot. Thank you protazen

Awesome product!

I noticed an almost immediate sense of relaxation and calmness after taking the base formula. No more tension headaches either! Will definitely keep taking this product.

Awesome product

This product has helped me have energy and also have a better mood. Great product will continue to buy again and again.

Herbal Relaxant) Protazen® Calming

It has definitely helped

Serotonin Support

It is an excellent product and works very well with no noticeable side effects felt. Experienced positive effects just after few days of use.
I will buy it again.

Changed my life

I’ve tried everything from Ashwagandha to CBD to Rhodiola - all of which helped at the time - but this by far has helped the most. In conjunction with therapy, I have completely changed my life around and my perspective. People who haven’t seen me in the last two months keep noting that I seem so happy and vibrant, which is night and day from my demeanor earlier this month (I was undergoing some serious depression and massive anxiety). Thankful for finding this supplement and will continue to take - I have already recommended to several friends.


Helped me greatly

Didn't want to take a prescription

I tried this product because my doctor wanted to give me prescription anxiety meds. I already have several health problems and didn't want another prescription. I've been taking half a dose of this to start with and after 3 weeks I feel less stress and anxiety. I am going to try the full dose starting next week.

Mood Support

I used it regularly, but I had to stop with a baby and breastfeeding for 18 months (!). I have been getting back on my routine

I bought it for my grandson & he's been taking it now for 4 weeks. It seems to be helping him. His mood is certainly better. We're anxious to see how things progress in the next few weeks.

It works

I started taking the oxyenergy after taking the base formula for a month. The second month with the two combined, I saw even more results. Energy levels are still increasing :)

Was hoping this worked

After reading all the great reviews about this product I was hoping it worked for me. I had no relief in my symptoms and experienced drowsiness and a feeling of being out of it. Still hoping I’ll find something to help me!!

Hi Cheryl… Sorry to hear of your experience! Although what you describe is not typical, not every product is a good fit for every person. Please contact us by phone (1-800-768-2818) so we can discuss your specific situation and maybe offer some suggestions on how to improve your experience with our products… We are here to help!
Awesome stuff!

I was pleasantly surprised at how I’m feeling less foggy and multitasking is becoming easier


I was skeptical at first but after about 5 days I started to notice a difference. I feel so much happier and motivated. I highly recommend. I’m usually not one to make a review so that should tell you!

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