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Great product

More energy, less anxiety, feel happier after a week!

(Mood Support) Protazen® Base Formula

Good stuff

Got me off a prescription! Nuff said!

Passion Flower Lozenges

It took a while to get my products, but when I reached out to the support team, they were very helpful. I take this whenever I feel anxious and i helps calm me down . It is definitely a keeper and I like that it is made from natural products.

Protazen Support Review

It took a while for me to get my products in the mail. When I reached out to the support team, they were extremely helpful. I started taking these supplements and already noticed an improvement. As someone who suffers from seasonal depression, it definitely helps. This will be a staple in my supplements.

Protazen-5 HTP Review

It took a while for me to receive my products and when I contacted the support team they were extremely helpful. I finally receivedmy items a few days ago. I already notice a difference. My overall mood is much better and as someone who has seasonal depression as well as struggle with depression and anxiety this is keeper. I highly recommend it.

A++++ Rating

My son and husband are both taking the mood support and my son is taking 5-HTP, it has made a huge difference for both of them. My husband has a very stressful job and after 4 weeks on mood support, Ive seen a huge difference in his reactions. He seems to be more at peace than ever. My son said he wont go without protazen. He sometimes suffers depression, doctors wanted to put him on antidepressants, he tried them, hated the side effects and stopped them. No side effects with Protazen. Im so happy we found these supplements. I just wish they were a little cheaper. It gets quite expensive.

Just started but so far great product

5 stars!

One of the best products I have ever spent money on!!


Feel a little better

Mood Support

After 15 years of being on a prescription antidepressant, I found this Formula to be a SuPeR Effective Replacement!!! It took a week to build up in my system and now it is AmaZing !! Great Natural alternative!!!

(Mood Support) Protazen® Base Formula


I keep reordering.


It helps keep my husbands mood good and level headed not such a screaming maniac

Great energy and mood support

Adds Balance

Was a bit hesitant to purchase the oxy energy because I thought it might make anxiety worse but it works well in conjunction with the base formula. So far so good

Works good but acquired taste

I like the Passion flower lounges and really helped me when I had interviews. I took them about 10-15 mins before my interviews it kept me calm and I didn’t have any hives (which was awesome, as I typically break out in hives when I have interviews). Definitely recommend! Taste like a Passion flower for sure, so I usually take with juice but it’s not a terrible taste necessarily, just an acquired one.

5 stars out of 5!

I love how mood support lifts the darkness of depression to help me cope with grief!

Good product so far

Great alternative to mood stabilizers

I am a middle aged woman. I started going to mood swings. I tried St. John’s wort initially, but it upset my stomach and had other side effects. I have taken Protazen for 4 weeks now and I definitely feel a difference. My anxiety has decreased and my mood has been less volatile. I definitely recommend.

Very Effective Product

I have 2 chronic and incurable auto immune diseases that impact my mobility and daily activities. Depression and anxiety have become increasingly common due to the impact of illness. Protazen has proven to be effective in reducing the severity and frequency of depression and anxiety for me. Importantly, I have not experienced any side effects or adverse drug interactions while taking Protazen. I highly recommend this natural treatment for mood disorders because I found it to be safe and effective.

Love it lifts daily stresses off my shoulders

It took a few days to build in my system. But after that found myself laughing again and things were able to roll better

A firm believer

Awesome product. Will recommend. Has helped with staying a sleep and anxiety. Verified Reviews Badge
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