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Great product!

My husband has battled anxiety and depression for over a year. Prescription medicine zombied him out but now with this supplement he is back to feeling like his normal self! Amazing product!

Protazen Base Formula, 5-htp, Calming, OxyEnergy, Omega 3, Passion Flower Lozenges

I have noticed a difference in my son's mood. This is a solid product and I will continue to use. Thank you so much!

Protazen is awesome

I feel so much better when I take Protazen! I’m focused, have a lot more energy, and eat less.

(Mood Support) Protazen® Base Formula

Great product and results

Excellent and effective alternative to prescription meds!

Effective Alternative

An Effective alternative to most prescribed medication.

These Supplements are doing the job for me!

This is the best thing I have ever gotten when it comes to my positive way of thinking, it helps me with my everyday living as far as not being negative and looking at life from another point of view.

Excellent customer service

Due to having my wonderful iPhone and moving at an excessive speed while ordering this product, I accidentally sent it to the wrong address. They were quick to help and the product itself has been surprisingly wonderful! I would recommend this product for sure!

(Mood Support) Protazen Base Formula

I desire to keep using Protazen Base Formula because I had gradually went off an antidepressant while I have been taking this product.

I really prefer taking something like what this product offers so I can function better.
So thank you for providing such a product like this that is more natural.

2 weeks

I've only been taking energy support and oxyenergy with 5HTP for 2 weeks, and i can say im quit surprise so far, i was gonna give them at least 2 months, but love the difference i feel in energy levels already, I'm excited to see after a month the difference. I have been feeling zero energy and very lethargic for about 6 months and tried many difference things, but I am finding relief here so far.

Pleased with product

I bought this because of great reviews and vegan . I really do feel this product has helped my overall mood and made me feel less overwhelmed and weighted down . I do require 3 a day but very happy with product and will order again

Mood support

This stuff really does work. It keeps my anxiety at bay.
I use it with the stress relief and I feel much more calm.

So far so good.

I think I have seen a big difference in how I feel with these. I have been having a lot more energy throughout my day and I don’t seem to get that awful afternoon slump I normally get. I look forward to continuing them and see how they work long term.

Good product

Seems to work only the first month so still checking it out

Protazen has a made a positive difference for me

Occasionally, I've tried going without for about two weeks, to see if I need it. I begin to have my old negative feelings of depression set in. When I resume taking my two tablets a day, I notice a positive difference within a few days. I don't need to stop taking this product.

Great products!! 💕

Started taking these supplements and immediately stared sleeping thru the night. Thank you!

Helpful Supplement

My daughter has used Protazen Mood Support for a couple of years now to help with depression. She still needs to take a prescribed antidepressant, but the Protazen gives her an edge. She likes that it is a natural supplement.

Hi Calla! In the spirit of full disclosure for people that are reading this review... If you're taking a prescription antidepressant, it's best to consult with the prescribing physician before beginning any new supplement regimen (including Protazen). Thanks for the review!!!

Finally Emotional Stability

After a rough few years, punctuated by covid, depression and chronic fatigue, I've finally found a suppliment that has helped bring me into balance. Along with a healthy diet, excerise, therapy and quality sleep, I finally feel emotionally stable. Protazen has by far been the best mood supplement to date and I've tried many. I felt the effects within the first 24 hours, helping to snap me out of a long depressive state. Incrediably grateful. Highly recommended.

Great product

Purchased for my wife and she thinks it's very helpful

Saved Me!

I was so impressed with the reviews so I bought the Protazen & I’m so glad I did! I’ll never go on another anti depression drug again! This stuff is amazing & I wished I knew of it sooner! Suffer no more & just purchase it! I can be having a crying spell & take one of these & within 30-45 minutes I’m calm & tears are gone! I sleep so good at night to! I suffer with insomnia! Amazing to feel in control of my unknown emotions!

Great product

I ordered this for my wife and she thinks it's a great product and has really helped stabilize her mood

Great Product

I have been taking this for about one month and can feel a positive difference in my anxiety.

Excellent Product

Protazen does the job for an everyday living, at the job or at home.

Works Great!

I've been using this to temper certain social anxieties and it works great! You have to give it a few minutes after you take it but I can feel it start working after about a half hour. Verified Reviews Badge
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