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Works great

I'm placing my second order right now! Works just like described. It keeps you calm without the cloudiness.


Love this before I workout! Definately gives me the extra energy needed!


If I could rate this product 10 stars I would! I have been taking the supplements for 2 and a half weeks now and I have noticed a difference already. I am physically more active than I was, I am in a positive mindset and look forward to beginning my day. I will definitely be a loyal customer! Thank you!

Big difference!

I could tell a difference in not only my disposition but with focus right away!
I was looking for something without St. John’s Wort...this product is that.

Protazen’s 5 HTP

Great daily support


I have been mildly depressed for several years; however, I noticed recently that my symptoms had become worse. Honestly, I just tried dealing with it but when that became too much my Dr. put me on an antidepressant. It was okay at first, but then I noticed that I was getting worse—not wanting to leave the house or engage with friends & family, I quit working out (I’m a fitness enthusiast, so this was a big deal), also I was sleeping for hours in the middle of the day despite getting a full night’s rest. I came across Protazen and decided to stop taking my antidepressant and this a try. Best decision ever! I’m feeling more like myself everyday. I’m back in the gym and becoming much more social. So thankful that I came across this amazing product!!

so far so good

I can tell a small different in my mood & concentration. I have been taking it for 30 days, and think I made need to try a couple more weeks to get the full affect.

Less anxiety

After my first bottle my anxiety is definitely better. I’m not sure about mood yet, I’m going to get another bottle and give it more time.

Sounds great Pamela! Feel free to call us to discuss ways of dialing in your benefit. Thanks for the review!

The best ever!!

Good stuff

Makes me a little sleepy but definitely relaxed me and made me not so anxious and tense. Good addition to base formula.

Exactly Mason! That's one of the reasons why we suggest taking the 5-HTP about an hour or two before bedtime. Thanks for the review!!!
I reclaimed my life... you can too

Wow, night and day difference. Felt a difference on day one with less day 3 I was doing things I needed to do like laundry, dishes, household stuff without mentally dreading every task. One week later I sleep through the night (I did the 5 htp booster). Now 2 whole weeks have gone by and I am on a roll. I picked up my upcycle hobby again and for the first time in years, I am at peace in the evenings for making the most of the day. Thank you for taking the time to make this product and thanks to all the reviewers for your feedback that encouraged me to purchase it. I look forward to trying out the other boosters and will definitely keep ordering the day to day bottle.

Really keeps me calm

I've been taking these every day for almost 2 months and I absolutely feel less stress. Not as many mood swings and absolutely no side effects whatsoever. I only take one a day because I can never remember to take another later, but I still fell the benefits. Definitely going to order another bottle and keep going!

Great Product

I love this product. I start my teen daughter on it a couple of months ago and it has changed her whole attitude. Thank you so much!!!

Great Mood Booster

I take this when I start feeling a bout of depression coming in and it greatly reduces it. I will continue to take it and recommend it for anyone who struggles with depression.

It works

I do notice very much a difference when our daughter is not taking the protazen. It takes a bit to notice the change but then we do notice when she is not taking it within a day or so. She does go down in her moods and all is dark. With Protazen she appears more present and pleasant. She even herself feels that it helps. She is not the person to admit things easily. As a mother I am happy that it works.

Great product

I have struggled with bipolar symptoms and have been taking 5 HTP with Protazen Base Formula and it has been very helpful.

(Mood Support) Protazen® Base Formula

Protazen Base Formula

My mood seems to be more stable after 1 month of use

Finally found something that works!

I am ordering more. I am so happy to find something that works so well!

1st order

After about day 3 I could tell a difference. Definitely going to continue

Great product

I have noticed a difference since I have started taking the product about three weeks ago. I struggled with anxiety and depression and I feel less overwhelmed by my thoughts and feelings and calmer in general. Definitely reccomend


Good products to help with everyday life and more. Health and Happiness.

New user

Bought this for my husband as he struggles with serious anxiety. Just finishing the first bottle but unfortunately not seeing any change. Will try another 30 days.

Hi Judi! There are many factors that contribute to our moods and emotions, so it's tough to make any specific suggestions on how to improve his experience without knowing more about his situation. The good news is, we'd be more than happy to discuss his needs on a phone call. Maybe upping his dose will help, or maybe adding one of our complementing products might do the trick. Please review: and then call us during business hours ( We are here to help! Thanks for the review!
Protazen Review

Great Product! My father passed away and I started Menopause in the same year. This product keeps my emotions consistently in check. Thank you so much! I don't go around crying all the time! Grief takes time to heal!

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