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So far..

So far this product has been the catalyst for a vast improvement in my moods as far as I can tell from my actions and reactions, internally.

Calming seems to help

I don’t take it regularly enough to make a proper review, but it seems to help me during high-tension times.

Works great!

I have been using the base formula, and the 5htp. I have noticed a difference, been in a very pleasant mood.

Great So Far

I have noticed a small change but I am giving it more time.


Protazen is great so far. Only notice a small change but going to give It more time


I am 💯 satisfied with this product, I have been taking it for over a month now and it is helping get through a complicated grief process. I would highly recommend this product for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety and grief!!

Amazing Results!

I must admit, I was quite skeptical to try this product. I was feeling quite miserable with very low energy. Surprisingly, after about 2 days, I can honestly say I felt wonderful. This product really works! Highly recommend if you are feeling drained & depressed, give it a try!

Great Product!

Works really well!


I hate taken prescriptions. I always like a more natural remedy. Protazen helped me to get through a tough time, without the side effects of all the chemicals in a prescription antidepressant.

Great product!

Helps me calm down and sleep after a stressful day

Very helpful

Love it

Works great!

I noticed I felt better with my anxiety and depression after taking for about 10 days.

Teen Daughter

We have been using this for about 2 months and can totally see a huge difference. She is happier and less anxious. So happy I found this product.

Great Stuff!

I was skeptical before purchasing this product, I'm pleased to say it has helped my anxiety and mood tremendously! If you are on the fence, please give it a try! Within about 2 weeks I could tell a marked difference!

calming formula

xcellent product really works

Seems to be working

I’ve been on Protazen and 5HTP for about 3 weeks now and I can honestly say I notice a positive difference in my mood. I’m sleeping better as well.

Works well!

I use this product everyday and I’ve been seeing wonderful results!

Serotonin support

Been using it for a week. I seem to be sleeping better.

Helps with focus

My son had been struggling with focusing and feeling positive, especially while playing sports. He said he noticed a difference the first time he took Protazen mood support. He said his mind felt clearer and he was able to stay focused while competing in a basketball game. I have also noticed a shift in his mood as well and have not had to remind him to take it daily like I do with his vitamins. I am very pleased that I stumbled across this.

(Mood Support) Protazen Base Formula

I need to take it on a consistent basis, but when I do I feel a difference.

May be working

I'm feeling effects, I think. I have not been there best about taking the afternoon dose. I imagine it will be better when I get on track. Feel good enough about it too try another bottle.

Protazen base product

Have used product off & on for many years. Helps keep me on a level path

Great product for anxiety!

I bought this product for my daughter. She was not having success with medications. She has been taking for 6 months and is doing great.

So far so good.

Still pretty early in my test of this product but after a couple days of taking it I have felt much better. My thoughts are clearer and I have noticed the "wall" that was stopping me has moved back. I am more detailed now when I work and find I want to finish things instead of loosing focus and moving on. Still more time in my test to go but I am doing well.

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