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Working well for me

After a couple weeks of taking Protazen I could tell a difference in my mood. It helps me think more clearly and have a more positive outlook. I would recommend it!

Really seems to help

I use this product with a separate 5-HTP supplement and the combination seems to help my anxiety and depression. I feel more energized and can focus better.

This is calm!

After using this product for a few days, I realized that I was much calmer and able to handle the difficulties of daily life. It was such a relief to find something that really worked for me. Thank you!

You're very welcome Nora... Thank you for being a valued customer!
Worked great!

It was my first time buying it and I wasn't sure if it would help but I really do feel a difference! I love it

Much better than prescriptions

I've tried multiple prescriptions all with horrible side effects. This is the only natural remedy that seems to work for me. And has no side effects!

Serotonin support

Wonderful product for dealing with depression. Thank you so much

Works well

I just take one a day. It keeps me more even tempered.


Representative very helpful with explanation of products !

Great product!

I have been taking this for a month now and I notice a definite difference in my over reactions to large and small situations. I will definitely continue taking it.

great product

I noticed a difference after a week

Base Formula

Works really well!

Great product

I felt a huge difference in mood in the first 2 weeks will definitely continue.

Amazing Natural Supplement.

Helps with regulating my mood.

Protazen Fish Oil Omega 30+

Great product. Works well!

Works Wonderfully!

Will continue to purchase. Works wonderfully!

A healthy alternative

I certainly notice an improvement in my mood when I’m taking Protazen, What made me realize that they were working was when I forgot to take them for s couple of days and the that black hole ( anyone with depression will know what I mean about the black hole) returned. I feel much better about taking these rather than prescription medication.

Mood balancer

This product made a big difference in balancing moods and bringing a more positive outlook on life.


Highly recommended

Loving these

We love this, and ate regular customers of other supplements from this company. We will continue to purchase products!

Working great

It is so nice to use a product that is not prescribed by a physician for anxiety. I am human again and no anxiety attacks. I was on a prescription anti-depressant for 6+ years at the highest dose and life just kept passing me by, I had no emotions or cares at all. I am so thankful for a product that lets me enjoy life again. My energy levels are amazing also …..

so far so good

regulating moods pretty well thus far, but still need to monitor to make sure

(Mood Support) Protazen® Base Formula

Definitely helps a lot. Immediate results with relaxation and calms anxiety quickly.

Great product

I feel so much better now. Before I felt lethargic and no motivation. Since I've been taking this supplement I want to get up and do something and even go places...its amazing!!!

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