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I feel great

I feel great taking this product. My mood seems to be better. My kids appreciate that.

Protazen Mood Ehancement Product Review

I have been using Protazen for nearly 5 years and can honestly say it is the most Life Changing Product I have ever used i have been involved with Holistic Health for 50 years and have used and experimented with many many Health Supplements for Body and Mind Without question Protazen is by far the most remarkable product I have ever tried It is a Product specifically designed to enhance one's sense of well being , bring more mental clarity and by doing so it makes one stop wasting time not feeling motivated , wasting time by being vulnerable to depression etc I have told countless friends about Protazen and I have sent the info for the Web site to over 150 friends over the years ALL of my friends who have ordered Protazen experienced a dramatic improvement in their sense of well being within one to three days I have said for years now that Protazen is nothing less than " Happiness in a Capsule " The one aspect of life that is most sought after is happiness and Protazen is by far the best product to help bring Happiness and a positive attitude for anyone who uses it I can't praise Protazen enough for the wonderful Life changing benefits it has given bot myself and all my friends Protazen WORKS fantastically and will bring a positive more happier mental sense of well being to whomever uses Protazen in a very few days

Oxy energy

So much energy I'm bouncing off the walls and climbing the ceiling like Spiderman, yeah that's right- a spider that's a man.

Haha! Love it Tom! Thanks for making us smile :)
It really works!

I was very skeptical at first but was desperate to find something to treat depression/anxiety that didn’t involve prescription medication. I felt a difference in overall mood in the first week and now I can’t imagine life without it.

Great Product

I got this for my teen daughter who has anxiety and mood swings and this is really helping her.

Using it for 2 month now

I am using it for 2 month now. I saw big change after a month of using it. Especially quality of sleep. Sometimes when I get too stressed at work I take extra pill for lunch, about once a week. I sleep much better. If I wake up in the middle of the night I dont have the dreadfull feeling, no heart beating like crazy. I am now ablo to go back to sleep. I used sometimes to be so scared at morning I havent dared to drive to work and took sick day, about once in two weeks, i havent had an episode for two month. My memory is sahrper too. I have to say that I also cut cofee comletely out and have just black tee for breakfast and I am taking extra vitamin D.

No Difference

I've been using this product for four months now. Two pills every morning when I wake up. I was hoping that this product would help me not get depressed as often. I haven't noticed any difference in my mood since I started taking them. I still have my ups and downs and fall into deep depressions sometimes.

Hi Ray! We sorry to hear of your experience. There are many factors that contribute to our moods and emotions, so it's tough to make any specific suggestions on how to improve your experience without knowing more about your situation. The good news is, we'd be more than happy to discuss your needs on a phone call. Maybe upping your dose will help, or maybe adding one of our complementing products might do the trick. Please review: and then call us during business hours ( We are here to help! Thanks for the review!
Awesome products

It works well.

Working great so far


I have used this product for a month now and myself and my immediate family have noticed significant changes in my mood. I am happier without even trying and I do not feel weird. I will continue to use this product. It is great! I recommend it!!

Protazen....I love it!!!

I will be honest I was a bit skeptical at first but this has been a game changer for me!! I am a very moody person, I have pretty bad anxiety and sometimes think that I might be mildly depressed (although never formally diagnosed) I was looking for something to help with leveling myself out a bit, I have tried so many things (over the counter) and have even been prescribed medication (which I refuse to take) because I wanted something natural. After searching around on the internet I found Protazen and figured it was worth a try and although I was a bit skeptical and somewhat hesitant at first I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I have now been taking for a little more than a month and so far I REALLY like it!!! I would definitely recommend, with the holidays coming I am thankful that I have found something to help take the edge off and level out my emotions!! Although a bit expensive so worth it...I will be placing another order very soon!!


It definitely helps with my mood swings when taken consistently.


Good and I highly recommend for people who are struggling with mild symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Mood support

Has been a great product so far!

Protazen is a game changer

I found Protazen through the internet, read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I could tell almost immediately a calming and decreased anxiety. I am looking forward to my next order and trying the other versions. I also liked that I had no negative side effects. Great Product

good product

I am not doing this every day but is working with me.

changed evrything

I have been struggling with mood changes, depression, and just never feeling like my self, or the self I was once. A friend of mine told me about Protazen and how it helped her a lot. I researched your product, read reviews,and decided to give it a try. I am only on my second month, but I can honestly say I feel a big difference already. My husband has also notice a change in me Thank you for helping me in getting my life on the right track. I would recommend Protazen to any one..


After about the 3rd day if taking Protazen I can absolutely feel a difference in my energy level, mood, overall sense of well-being. Also, my body doesn’t ache as much as it did, especially my knees and joints. Not sure if that is due to this or a coincidence, but either way I am thrilled! Highly recommend

(Mood Support) Protazen Base Formula

Very good formula. Feel much better, more relax and happy. Definitely less worry or anxious :)

Love it

Helps a ton

Not sure yet, but no complaints

After about 20 years on and off SSRIs, I've been trying to finally stay off, but I always end up going back on when the autumn/daylight savings hits. So far I have taken Protazen Base Formula for 1 month, and I'm not exactly sure how much it is helping because of other factors involved - situational stressors are at an extreme high, and I probably should have started Protazen earlier, so it would have been built up in my system by the time the clocks changed. That being said, I did not have any negative side effects (which I usually do from many supplements) and I'm willing to try for at least another month (which I'm usually not with other supplements). So fingers crossed, I hope to see more improvement!

Love it!

I was hopeless for a while after trying products that did not work. I stumbled across Protazen and it really does work! I feel it working and calming me down to the point that I can finally sleep restfully. I suffer from severe anxiety and refuse to take prescriptions. This stuff works! I definitely recommend it!

Great product!

Been using it for a month and I definitely feel a difference.

Two weeks in, I don’t think I feel any different

I’ve been taking Protazen for a couple of weeks to help with depression and mood. So far I haven't noticed any difference. That said, I guess I’m glad to be getting those vitamins, etc.?

Hi Roma! Although you'll find reviews from customers who talk about noticeable benefit within just a few days or weeks, don't be discouraged if you're not one of them. For some, month 2 is where the magic happens. Please review: Also, be sure to check out this video on our complementing formulas: These add-on supplements enable a person to customize their regimen (if necessary) and take a more aggressive approach in an area where they feel they may need extra support. Please contact us with any questions: Thanks for the review!!!
Don’t judge a book by its cover...

I was skeptical about trying this product. But surprisingly I feel so much more healthy minded that I ever had on my prescription antidepressant. I love that this product is natural and recommend 30 minutes of daily exercise. This has helped me shed some lbs.

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