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It is a wow supplement. It works steadily. Thank you for solving the sleep problem.

Great product!

I’m on my second month, and I’m definitely starting to feel a difference!

Great stuff

Best stuff out there , better than prescription anti depressants and without side efffects and withdrawal symptoms .

Protazen supplement

So far I am happy with the product but I think I need to use them for at least 60 days to really see a difference. I plan on ordering again to see. I’m very hopeful that this will be a great help to me.

Hi Gina! Considering you've been taking our products for only 3 weeks, it sounds like things are going well! You're correct that benefit should increase as you continue into month 2. Month 3 should be even better. We see that you placed your 2nd order today... Thanks for being a valued customer!
Didn’t work well for me

Used product as directed on the bottle and haven’t noticed any change at all. Still very irritable and I felt like it actually made me a little worse. No mental health changes for me.

Hi Don! We are sorry to hear of your disappointing experience. Of course there is the possibility that our products are simple not the right approach for you; however, 3 weeks is a limited trial. Even medical treatments require 8-12 weeks to conclude their efficacy. Also... Protazen recognizes that once size does not necessarily fit all, when it comes to people's mental health support needs. This is why we offer additional products to complement the Base Formula. Some people may need to take a more focused/aggressive approach, at least in the beginning. Please call us if you have any questions, or review for more information regarding our additional formulas. Thank you for being a valued customer!
Seems to be working!

My husband is able to get to sleep better with the lozenges.


It is a great supplements for energy. Thanks to all your staff for great work.

Superior Alternative to RX Anti-depressants

I have been taking the Protazen Base Formula for several years now. I took doctor prescribed anti-depressants for five years and tried three times to get off them because of the weight gain, thoughts of suicide, other weird thoughts, mood swings, etc. I found Protazen online and much prefer this product to the RX anti-depressants. I have not experienced weight gain, I stay pretty much on an even keel, and I have less disturbing thoughts, though sometimes still suffer from some. I supplement two daily Protazens (taken a.m. and late afternoon) with Vitamins B-6, B-12 and B Super Complex taken twice daily. This regimen works well for me. I regret that I did not know about Protazen years ago before I began taking the RX anti-depressants.


If you are on the fence about this product I encourage you to give it a shot. You have nothing to lose. It helped me tremendously and I was very skeptic.


Works amazingly!

Widower Support

I lost my wife, best friend and soul mate almost 5 years ago. Your product helps me cope.

Mood Support

My teenage daughter has been taking Mood Support Base Formula for about 6 months. Between this supplement and a weekly therapist appointment we have seen improvement in her. I feel like I have my daughter back again. I have now ordered another three bottles and have given some to my older daughter. I hope it helps her too.


After being prescribed several different medicines for lack of energy and not feeling right. None were of any success. All made me more groggy, brain fog, and just plain crappy. Found Protozen and have been taking a little over two weeks and the difference is astronamical. I have energy, clear head, relaxed, and am feeling 100% better than ever. I was skeptical, but very glad i ordered. I also ordered the omega. It is also a well balanced supplement that has done alot of good for me. Thank you very much.

Love it

I had been going through a very low and depressed time, with no rhyme or reason just completely not feeling myself, just sad and alone. Started taking this product a month ago and me, my husband, and my children have noticed a huge difference, so much that I am ordering more, plus trying another product as well! Highly recommend!

A forever customer

Base Formula is exactly what I needed in my life to avoid prescription medication for anxiety and depression. I am so grateful for this product and will be a lifetime customer. I have been using the base formula for 7 months and feel a world of difference. Thank you Protazen!!!!!

Good product

I couldn't tell a huge difference but I could tell it was working. I did notice a bit more energy.

Thanks for the 5 stars Teresa! Considering you've been taking the Base for less than a month, you're on the right track! You should hopefully see greater improvement in the 30-90 day range ( for more details). We see that you placed an order today for the Energy Formula, good call! The Energy Formula is a great complement to the Base, it addresses physical fatigue as the Base addresses mood support.
Good support

Product helped me immensely. Will keep using it.


Protazen® Base Formula (Mood Support)

Not sure

I can’t say that it really has made a significant difference in my mood thus far.

Hi Leah! We welcome you to contact customer service. Maybe we can answer some questions and/or offer some suggestions on how to maximize your experience with our products. Thank you for being a valued customer!

Didn’t seem to work very well. Caused vivid, often scary dreams. Not sure if it was because weaning off antidepressant at same time as starting this.

Hi Amy! Considering vivid dreams are a well known side effect of many prescription antidepressants, especially when trying to come off them, your experience is most likely unrelated to Protazen. The drug withdrawal you’re going through will definitely make the benefits of Protazen less noticeable during that period. Additionally, you’ve only been taking our product for less than a month. If you have any questions, or would like some tips on how to maximize your benefit with our products, please contact customer service. Thank you for being a valued customer!
Great product!

This product has been a blessing. It helps me relax but not feel sedated or “out of it.”

This made my day for last 7 1/2 years and continue to do so!

Excellent source of supplement for mental stress control

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