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Im very happy with the results. Havent had an angry outburst!!!!

(Herbal Relaxant) Protazen® Calming

Lots of Peaceful days!

These products have really given me such calm in my day!

(Mood Support) Protazen® Base Formula

Protatazen Calming Formula

I've been using this product now for 6 mos or more. After trying many Medications prescribed by my doctor for depression, none of which worked I finally found something that does work........Protazen Calming Formula. I know that everyone is different but this one worked for me.


Really notice a difference in anxiety levels! Antidepressants made me feel worse, but these don’t have any negative side effects!

Great product!

I had been taking these supplements for three months, went on vacation and forgot to place my order. I could definitely tell the difference in my brain function and mood health without them. Definitely worth a try!


The product works, and I had been on prescription anti depressants for over 20 yrs


I bought Protazen for anxiety and mood support for my daughter. She is bipolar. Her job is very stressful and long hours. sometimes she goes into depression and it takes her a while to get out of it. Bipolar med didn't help her made her cranky loose focus where in her work she needs to be 100% alert and focused. She wouldn't take it or any other anxiety or depression meds. I searched on line and found Protazen Mood Support Base Formula. The reviews were positive so I bought it . My daughter gave me hard time because she thought I am wasting my money. At the end she was convinced to try it because it is natural stuff that will not give her side effect. On line they said it takes 1 to 2 weeks to start working but with my daughter it was she felt the effect the 2nd day . Called me from work saying" Mom it works! I feel calm, happy and able to concentrate on work" . She has been on it for almost a month, I have never seen my daughter calm and happy before. To me Protazen is a great natural formula.

This is awesome Claire... Thanks for being a valued customer!

(Mood Support) Protazen® Base Formula

Great product

This product is amazing. Definitely works for me. I am about to order my 3rd shipment. Super fast shipping. Have recommended to friends and family.

Awesome Nichole! Thanks for being a valued customer!

I have been using Protazen Base Formula for several years, off and on. When I'm off, I want to get back on. I LOVE this product. It lifts me up to where I want to be and provides a beautiful calm. I call them my "happy pills". The best part is zero side effects. I highly recommend this product. I tell people about it whenever I hear that they are struggling with anxiety or depression. Those who've tried it have like it.

Wasnt the product for me

I switched from Protzen to the Serotonin thinking that was all I needed but I was wrong. I think the full formula has the best effect

Hi Samantha! Our additional formulas like 5-HTP (Serotonin Support), Calming, OxyEnergy, etc. are intended to be complements to the Protazen Base Formula (not substitutes for). Our suggestion would be to try taking the Base during the day and the 5-HTP in the evening time. These two products are among our most popular combinations... A really good 'one-two punch' for mood, sleep, and emotional wellness!
Great mood support!

I have used Protazen for over 10 years now. I wanted to find a natural mood support supplement to replace prescription anti-depressant. I tried Sam-E, Saint John's Wort and other formulas but none of them gave me the results I needed. I tried Protazen and found the results I needed. It helps me to stay positive and seems to keep negative and worrying thoughts at bay. I have tried to stop Protazen, but after about four days of not taking it, I can definitely tell the difference in the way I feel. I will continue to take Protazen indefinitely because it works for me and I have recommended it to others and they also say it works for them.

Thank you for being a valued customer!
Love this!!!

He sleeps better and wakes up very happy.

Clear and calm

This product is great, it has helped calm my thoughts and allows me to have better focus. I’m so happy I tried this product and I will continue using it!


I can see a huge change in my attitude and mood after taking this for almost 60-days. I love it. I have always felt anxious, just never felt like it was severe enough to see a doctor about. And Protazen has helped me so much!

Glad to hear it Erika! :)
Protazen: Giving One a New Outlook on Life

It was back in 2008 that I discovered Protazen online and I was really struggling with a poor mental outlook. However, along with encouragement from the Bible, the ingredients on Protazen were exactly what I needed. Within weeks, I began to literally feel better and I rarely noticed the effects of stress that I had previously experienced. Since 2008, I have counted on Protazen during those difficult times of the year when stress is more pronounced than others and it has come through every time. Thank you, Protazen!

Protazen Works Great

Having taken Protazen for the past month, I've noticed a positive difference. I was so glad t find something natural that I could take. A great product!

Better than OTC

Does better than just 5-HTP that you find at Wal-Mart. Seems to be helping a good bit.

Protazen base formula

Ordered this for my wife...has really helped with her stress snd anxiety...Thanks

Mood Support

This has helped a good bit with my mood. It helps to give me a better attitude. It definitely beats the alternative which is prescription medication.

Not for me

It made me feel sluggish and just not myself I don’t want to use it anymore.

Hi Kamryn... We're sorry to hear this! It sounds like you might be hypersensitive to the calming botanicals in the product. Although not a common issue, customers who've had a similar experience found switching their dosing to the evening does the trick. The other option would be to pair the Base Formula with our OxyEnergy product to combat the physical fatigue. Please review:
Lighten up!

You can greatly reduce daily stresses, Increase mental clarity.

So far so good!

I have been taking the base formula for nearly 6 months now. It took about 3 months for me to feel a difference but I have to say I do feel more balanced and positive in general.

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