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Awesome product!

Thank you for this amazing product--love it!

Great product

This product is very helpful I recommend it to anyone who's struggling with anxiety depression and stress

Love it

My moods and hormones have been getting worse each month. I had to try something. At first, this product didn't seem to help. Then I took a few days off and I noticed a significant difference. So, started right back up and my moods are much better when taking the Mood Support Protazen Base formula.

Great Product!

Loved this product, it really helped with regulate my day to day mood, would recommend!

Great product

I can tell that this product has enhanced my mood. Definitely recommend.

Protazen Base Formula

Positive effects, started subtly and continue to increase subtly. Definite reduction in anxiety....First month.


Fast delivery

Mood Support

Only about 3 weeks in but I am starting to notice a difference already! It’s very small but I’m hoping with time it will keep getting better!

Super products

It is a good product. It works very well.

Seems good !

I can tell Protazen is helping my overall mood and helping me to have less depression , with better sense of self , I'm actually finding hilarity in things that would have just annoyed me before, being on Protazen for a month so far seems to really be helping !

Great product

I notice the difference on the second day of using two capsules a day...I’m improving in my concentration, memory, mood and also o sleep more profoundly which I wasn’t expecting.

Mood Support

This has helped my adult daughter so much. Highly recommend thus!

It works!

I've been taking it now for several months and can say it has definitely made a difference!

Super products

It has been a great help to the person I nought them for. Great improvement s.



Finally I have help!

I am so relieved and delighted to discover Protazen!! I had been taking a similar product a couple years ago that helped but it went off the market. I have been looking for a product to replace it all this time and was never successful until I found Protazen! I have found that 1 capsule is too much for me so I open it and either eat the powder or mix it in liquid and drink it. The taste is bearable because I get great results! No more just surviving another day or struggling to function. Now I’m up early and tackling my day. I have started exercising again and my mood and outlook are so much better! And there are no icky side effects!! Thanks Protazen!!

(Mood Support) Protazen® Base Formula


This stuff works great!!!! Really helps my mind do a complete 180.

My daughter and I both like this.

As pressure for school and work ramps up, we both find that this stress support blend really works. I have tried competitors and they are not worth the money.

Happy lady

This product has helped me a lot. My mother passed away and I was feeling very down. I’m much happier after taking this for 1 week.

5-htp helps in better sleep

Will continue to purchase. This product helps me sleep and also go back to sleep if I wake up too soon.

Teenage daughter

This worked great for my teenage daughter. She feels so much better can focus and sleep

Pairs perfectly with the original formula

I added the 5HTP to the original formula and my depression and anxiety keeps getting better daily! I will continue to use these products!

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