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An amazing product!!

This product has helped me tremendously! My anxiety and stress levels are so low!! I am starting to feel like myself again

new life

i just started it a few days ago and i feel a difference in my body

Amazing, honestly

Been dealing with ADHD and anxiety and tried several products, giving each a full bottle trial.. Protozen is amazing! Its helped a lot, more focused, happier and my facial spasms have reduced...THANK YOU

Glad to hear Randy!
Feeling better

I have been taking Protazen for the last few weeks and I've got to say I am feeling much better. Much more like myself. Thank you!

You're welcome! :)
Great Mood Supplement!

I have noticed improvement in my mood, less stress, and a reduction in panic

Great Products!

I have been taking Protazen and Melatonin time released capsules for quite sometime. Protazen helps balance my moods and keeps anxiety and panic attacks at a minimum. Melantonin helps me fall asleep and stay asleep.

Iast option

After being on antidepressants for 25 years or more the medical and insurance industries changed how they wanted to do things. I was forced to go to a mental health side of it and found they really didn't care about the person and your personal needs. I was switched from one medication to the other month after month and all with really bad side effects. Last visit to the Physician was very eye opening when all she cared about was she was running late and I needed to choose which med I wanted to try next. I walked out of there a sat in my car for over an hour thinking about what had just happened. I went home not knowing where to turn. Had been trying to get off of other medication I was on do to side effects as well. Found more natural alternativeselection that worked. With that in mind I stared checking the Web and found this product Protazen Brain health. It fit my needs in many ways so gave it a try. Granted I gradually cut the prescribed medication out first. Can not tell you how different I feel. Even though the prescribed medication helped in some ways it also made me either very mellow of fling off the handle. Didn't madder what one I was on, I was in this dazed state. With the natural Protazen I feel more myself then I have in years. See and feel things the way a person should. Grated it takes a while to get the right dose, but for me it works I have myself back. But still have the help my system needs to make it all work on a daily basis.

Great stuff

Keeps my mood stable and good all day long. Will keep ordering for sure.

Mood support Protazen

Seems to be working, he feels better and better as time goes on, not so depressed. Mood is definitely brighter.

Liking this so far

So far I’m on second month and it is helping with my “grouch” ... hoping the longer I’m on it the better I get. Can’t believe I’m not on an Rx to get this result!

Seems Good

The product seems to be of good quality. Not sure how to tell the effectiveness of it. Great price for quality.

Seems Good

It appears that this product does help. It is hard to say exactly how much as I am new at trying mood products. The advice to be active by walking for 30 mins a day, that came with my first order is probably a key part in having the product be totally effective.

Thank you

I was apprehensive about ordering this product. I was desperate to get out of this rut. I live a busy life and work most of it. So eating healthy has been a challenge for me. When i started taking these I could tell within 3 days. Gave me a much more positive out look, I found myself looking forward to my day. I excited to see how much more I will feel continuing this product


I think it is doing something for my dad but I am not very sure. My dad's humor waxes and wanes still.


Really felt more calm after taking it.

(mood support) Protazen Base Formula

I felt mood improvement within a couple of days. Excellent product! Impressed by the review from a physician who stated he would recommend this product before prescribing a controlled medicine.

So far, so good!

My daughter has struggled off & on with anxiety & depression. We had read good things about this product, and she wanted to try it first, rather than go the prescription antidepressant route if she didn’t have to do so. She’s only taken the first full month or so, but says she’s noticed a decrease in her anxiety levels and hasn’t felt as down as often. She’s sleeping a little better, as well, which is sure to help the problems and to assist the Protazen in doing its job. We both hope to see further improvement as she continues taking it.

Really works!!

I was skeptical about this working but really stayed helping me calm my nerves. I would highly recommend.

Thanks Protazen

I’ve only been taking protazen for a few weeks but looking forward to feeling greater results as I keep taking them. So far I do feel an improvement when it comes to stress, I still get a little anxious at times but definitely not as bad as I was before. I almost decided to take antidepressants but then I found Protazen. Very affordable & best part is, no side effects at all. I am definitely going to continue taking these!

Protazen Review

I find the Protazen base formula to be extremely helpful. It has helped me with discontinuing the SSRI that I was previously taking. I’m so happy I found this product!

Great Product!

I love this product, it definitely takes the edge off of my anxiety and makes me feel less overwhelmed and more calm.

Exceeded my expectations!

I’ve been taking protazen base for a month now. I was pretty skeptical when I bought it. To my surprise, it has worked wonders. My anxiety had me on the edge of a breakdown. I was taking Xanax to keep it at bay. Within a few days of trying protazen, it completely eliminated my high anxiety. I’ll definitely be a customer for life. Who knew life could be so good

Great news Sasha!

I've taken Protazen for three years and it gives me the extra boost I need to tackle the day with a good mood.

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