Realistic Expectations

for the Protazen® Base Formula

@ 30 Days:

You should begin to feel more relaxed within the first week, building momentum towards a more consistent mood around 30 days.*

@ 60 Days:

Your general outlook on life should be improving and a calmer mind should be emerging.*

@ 90 Days:

Three months in the rearview mirror will give you the ideal hindsight for determining whether the Protazen® Base Formula is providing effective nutritional support for your emotional wellbeing. From this point forward each day should bring with it a changed perspective, equipping you to better deal with life on life's terms.*

Do I need to take all seven of the Protazen® products to experience benefit?

No, the Protazen® Base Formula is a comprehensive mood support solution all by itself. However, one size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to people's mental health. Some customers may desire a more focused approach, addressing specific concerns they'd like a greater level of support with. For these people we offer six additional products, designed to work in concert with the Protazen® Base Formula, enabling you to customize your regimen.

It is important to remember that once results are achieved, don’t stop taking Protazen®. The benefits can only be sustained with continued use.*

*Although this is a realistic timeline, it is in no way intended to imply a guarantee or warranty of specific benefit.  Your ultimate benefit may not satisfy your expectation.

Natural Cure For Depression

Imitation and/or counterfeit products found on Amazon are not genuine Protazen®.



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