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1 Bottle = 60 caps. (vegan & gluten free), most people take 1-2 per day (as needed).

Protazen’s Melatonin Supplement is time released for a smooth steady dosage throughout the night, promoting consistent sleep. Melatonin is the hormone produced by the pineal gland, which is associated with sleep.

Though not considered critical to the function of the body, sleep is essential to the well being of the mind. Lack of sleep affects the function of the central nervous system.

There are two types of sleep: slow wave and paradoxical. Slow wave sleep is a deep, restful, dreamless sleep. Paradoxical sleep, also known as REM, is associated with an active dream state. Why is this important? Because the time between these two types of sleep affects how you feel in the morning. Paradoxical sleep occurs every 90 minutes and usually lasts 5-20 minutes. If a person is exhausted and not getting enough sleep, they will spend more time in this stage. The time between each REM stage increases when an individual is tired, and decreases when they are rested. In other words, you dream more when you’re rested.

Your ability to sleep is affected by many physiological and psychological factors. These factors can include physical activity, stress, and preoccupation with thought (racing thoughts).

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Melatonin 3mg Capsule for sleep

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Hi Jean! It's likely then that melatonin deficiency is not your issue. You may want to try our 5-HTP (https://www.protazen.com/products/protazen-5-htp-serotonin-support) and/or Calming formula (https://www.protazen.com/products/protazen-calming-herbal-relaxant). Although melatonin can be useful for helping certain people stay asleep, our 5-HTP and Calming formula (taken in concert) are ideal for people who have a hard time falling asleep. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call :)
Great product

Although the Protazen® Base Formula is a comprehensive single bottle solution, we offer six additional products for people looking to take a more focused approach. These complementing supplements enable you to customize your regimen.

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